Shadow Creek Drive

Westerly Terrace

La Castana

Doheny Penthouse

Interior Architecture by Tim Barber Ltd.
Photos by
Laura Hull

“What can I say about Osinoff General Contractors, Leslie and his entire team…Exceptional! I have had the pleasure and privilege to collaborate with the Osinoff Team on multiple projects. As an architectural and interior designer, often more important than the design is the team you have to execute it. All my experiences with Osinoff General Contractors have been wonderful and resulted in beautiful spaces we are all proud of and most important, happy clients.

Leslie and his team are supportive, knowledgeable, collaborative, and always up for the task at hand. Leslie and his team are exceptional at problem solving. One of the greatest things I admire and appreciate about Leslie is he always brings me multiple solutions to problems before I even know there is a problem to solve. I have enjoyed my past projects and continue to enjoy my future collaborations with Leslie and the whole Osinoff General Contractors family.”

– Patrick K. Tennant, Architectural and Interior Designer