About Us

To build a dedicated team takes mutual respect and commitment.


Leslie Osinoff

Leslie Osinoff has been leading quality construction projects for over 30 years with unparalleled care for his clients.  He anticipates their needs, educates them on their options, and guides their decision-making to ensure each client is completely satisfied. Leslie personally oversees every OGC job to maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship and efficiency. His accessibility, integrity and expertise have earned him repeat business and loyal clientele.


Osinoff General Contractors only works with the finest subcontractors and suppliers.

They are an extension of the OGC team and, therefore, must also ascribe to the values of honesty, quality and credibility. Leslie takes responsibility for his subcontractors knowing that they represent OGC on every job site. Leslie’s oversight guarantees that everyone on the job works efficiently and effectively, leaves the job site pristine and treats the clients, designers and tradesmen respectfully.  

In turn, his subcontractors are loyal because they know they will be treated with professionalism and fairness. Many of Leslie’s subs have worked with him for decades.

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We believe it is our job to address issues swiftly, assuage your concerns and prove to you that you and your home are in the best hands - ours.


Why Work With Us?

Osinoff General Contractors run projects smoothly and swiftly.  When you have a question, Leslie will personally take your call. When issues arise - and they always do - we troubleshoot, provide options and help you make the best decision. Our customer service does not end when the project is complete.  We are always available to clients to help them maintain their homes.  We have built client and collaborator relationships that have lasted for decades because our clients know they are our first priority.